Demi Lovato Goes Back to Her Dark Roots for the First Time in For-EVER

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From blonde to blue, from blue to pink, from pink to, well, shaved pink, Demi Lovato's almost at Katy Perry-status when it comes to her hair hues. If we weren't so on top of our D.Lo game, it'd be hard to even remember what her true 'do even looks like. But we're all over it, so it's all good.

Now, it seems that she's going back to her dark roots (for now at least). In a couple of snapshots on Twitter, she says, "Gonna give my hair a breeaaakkk, give my hair a break, gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break… Oh yeah, yeah.." Check out her natch look here:

Twitter (@ddlovato)

Which color does the "Neon Lights" singer look best in? Do you prefer her natural shade? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Demi Lovato message board!

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