Demi Lovato’s Got a New Role! Except This Time She’s Just the Sidekick

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She (was) the lead on her show Sonny With a Chance and the lead in the Camp Rock flicks, but now? Demi Lovato‘s next role is one where all the attention is not gonna be on her for once. Cause she’s playing the sidekick!

But uh, we’re not talking about the sidekick in a movie or TV show…

Demi’s gonna be a bridesmaid! According to People.com, Demi’s suiting up for the wedding of her BFF and Sonny co-star Tiffany Thornton. Tiff told the mag:

“Demi is one of my bridesmaids! We go way back. She’s like a little sister to me. She’s one of my closest friends.”

Let’s just hope she’s not stuck in a poufy pink cupcake dress. Yikes. What kind of dresses do you think Demi and Tiffany will wear on Tiffany’s big day? Share your thoughts in the comments!