You’re Gonna Want to Chop Your Locks After You See Demi Lovato’s New Bob

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Now that winter’s over and the warmer weather is rapidly approaching, we’re all thinking of new ways to style our hair. Of course, the first thing we look at is what some of our all-time favorite celebs are doing with their hair, and thanks to Demi Lovato, we’ve got some ideas!

As we all know, Demi is a trendsetter and not a trend follower, so instead of even checking to see if bobs were even in style anymore, she just did the damn thing! That’s right, you guys! Last night, D.Lo took to her Instagram story to share her new ‘do, and we’ve got to say… we’re absolutely LOVING it!

Demi Lovato Bob Haircut

Instagram (@ddlovato)

As you can clearly tell, Demi’s new hair is incredibly different from what she was rocking before, which were super long waves that — you guessed it — we were also completely fawning over. This time though, Demi opted for the total opposite, and from the Boomerangs she shared on Instagram, we’re left wondering once again whether we should let our hair grow out this season or if we should just cut it all off with reckless abandon. Hmm…

From what we can see from Demi’s Boomerangs, she chose to go with an asymmetrical bob and not many layers, styled with a side part. The look is sleek, sophisticated, and, not to mention, it probably feels absolutely amazing to not have all that hair weighing you down… especially during those super hot summer months.

As you can tell, we’re utterly torn over what we’re going to do with our hair as the summer approaches, but Demi has definitely given us something to think about! Plus, it was the confirmation we kinda sorta needed that short bobs are still in, even if it seems like most people are going for long locks lately. So, we know this probably didn’t make your decision any easier, but hey… if you want to rock a bob like Demi this summer, we have all the faith in the world that you, too, can pull it off.