An Ode To Our Favorite Birthday Girl, Demi Lovato

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Today Demi Lovato turns the big 1-9 and just as we did for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, we’ve written a poem. After the rough year the Demster’s had, we figured there’s no better way to say we heart her than by professing our love via poetry, right?! We think Shakespeare would totes agree. Plus, we clearly have a thing for Disney stars on Teen.com, so we need to go above and beyond for their bdays. Duh.

It’s the moment you lovatics have been waiting for! Read on for our ode to Demi Lovato!

Ok, Demi, it’s been a rough year. Has it not?
You went to rehab for “emotional issues” (which really means “pot”).
It was after the JoBros tour that you just had too much
And you were so angry that you gave that backup dancer a punch.

But then January came and you were back on your feet
You got out of rehab, and again started to tweet.
Your fans were so happy that you were back, ya know,
Even though you still weren’t back together with Joe.

A few months later you began to work on your new songs
And you were back to normal. It didn’t even take that long!
Then you released “Skyscraper” which always makes us tear
And helps us remember your crazy-long year.

Your BFFs Selena, Kim Kardashian and Miley
are so happy to have you back. As were we!
But Disney will miss you a lot since you quit your show
But you’re sticking to music now and we can’t wait to watch you grow.

So until September brings the release of your new album, “Unbroken”
Just take this birthday poem as a little token
Of how much we love you. You inspire us a lot!
And not that it matters, but lately you’re looking hot.

Have a great birthday, Demi. You deserve it the most.
Oh, and have fun at Kim K’s wedding. You better make a toast!
We have a feeling 19 will be your best year yet.
You’re def gonna get a boyfriend. We’re making a bet.

Just one last request before we leave.
Can you and Joe Jonas rekindle? Pretty please?
He’s no longer with Taylor, Camilla or Ashley Greene
Sorry, we shouldn’t have done that. That was kind of mean.

Happy birthday, Demi! Can’t wait to see you on tour.
Here’s to your 19th birthday and to many, many more.

Are we poetically talented or what? Did you like the poem? Tell us your thoughts and leave your bday wishes for Demi in the comments!