Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato! GIFs to Celebrate the “Heart Attack” Singer

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Today's a big day for one of Teen.com's faves. It's Demi Lovato's 21st birthday! Since we're all about the "Heart Attack" singer, we thought this would be the perfect time to pay homage to all of her greatness — with a GIF poem, natch.

Ever since her Camp Rock days

Demi GIFs

Demi Lovato's been one to praise

Tumblr (whythankyou)

True, she started out on other shows

Tumblr (just-believe-babe)

But Disney Channel's where her starpower truly rose

Photobucket (p3gal723)

And not just on Camp Rock. There was also Sonny!

Tumblr (demigeorgia)

And PPP with Selena Gomez. They were all sorts of funny

Wikia (princessprotectionprogram)

Soon, another Camp Rock was hot on the heels

Tumblr (demiigifs)

Where we felt all the Shane & Mitchie feels

Tumblr (ausllyraurarosser)

Of course, we can't forget about her music. We're obsessed!

Weebly (themysticalworld-rpg)

Srsly, "Heart Attack" is the best

We Heart It

Oh, and we can't leave out her X Factor scowl

Comprar Make

And the seamless way she takes on Simon Cowell

Tumblr (juliar0se)

For all of those reasons and more, we need to say


Demi, you're the best ever. Have a happy birthday!

Dress-Up Girl

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