Demi Lovato’s Offensive Comment About Her Own Mental Illness is SO Effed Up

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Demi Lovato has always been very vocal about her struggle with bipolar disorder. In fact, when she was diagnosed with the mental disorder back in 2010, she said she “felt relieved” because she was “not completely crazy” and there was a “medical reason for all of it.” So, you can imagine fans’ shock when the “Confident” singer went on a late-night Twitter rant yesterday evening and equated the illness to “being crazy.”

Just hours after the 23 year old started drama with Nicki Minaj about cropping her out of an Instagram picture, she sent a series of tweets calling out Internet trolls for cyber bullying. But while Ms. Lovato’s overall message was definitely important, there was one note that got people beyond heated:

…did she just say having bipolar disorder means she’ll always be “crazy?” It really seems that way, and many people online seem to agree.

We already knew that Demi doesn’t always think before she speaks, but this is definitely on another level, especially for someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to deal with mental illness and face the scrutiny that comes with it.

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