From Our BFFS: What’s It Like Behind The Scenes of Demi Lovato’s Tour?!

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We got to go on tour with Demi Lovato! Okay, just kidding. But we did get to see some behind-the-scenes footage so same thing, right?! [Cambio]

Hey, guys! Some Beliebers broke into Justin Bieber‘s hotel. Guess the South American Beliebers are crazy than the North American ones… [J-14]

Wanna know more about The Ready Set‘s new album? Here’s your chance cause Jordan Witzigreuter is spilling all the deets! [JSYK]

It’s Jessie J vs. Nicki Minaj in the battle of…who wore the pale blue jumpsuit best. What do you think? [Posh24]

Uh, did Kristen Stewart really just compare Taylor Lautner to a puppy? Yup. That happened. [Hollywire]

If the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 trailer wasn’t enough for ya, check out the flick’s commercials that’ll air on TV! Excited yet? [Just Jared Jr.]

Hayden Panettiere is dishing on her new flick and it doesn’t involve any cheerleaders or slasher psycho chicks. Oh, and there’s a trailer, too. [ELLE]

Julianne Hough looks good in just about anything she wears. Ugh. Some girls get all the looks luck. [Seventeen]

Hooked on The Secret Circle? Then you should probs hear what Phoebe Tonkin had to say about Faye’s dark past. [Wetpaint]

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