From Our BFFs: Does Demi Lovato Have a New Boyfriend?

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Or shall we say old boyfriend? Demi Lovato was spotted at a Halloween party with an ex and um, unfortch, Jemi fans, it wasn’t Joe Jonas. [4TNZ]

Justin Bieber admitted that he’s “in love” with Selena Gomez. It’s ok. We cried a little when we found out, too. [JSYK]

When Justin Bieber gets a haircut, the Justin Bieber doll gets a haircut, too. But you’ll never guess how much the doll’s haircut cost… [Hollywire]

Miley Cyrus took a few days off from hanging out with Liam life to volunteer in Haiti. And this kinda mission had nothing to do with Hannah Montana, you guys. [Just Jared Jr]

Yes, Beyonce has another music video coming out sometime this week. And no, you’re not crazy, she just released another one last week… [Popdust]

Khloe Kardashian and Kim’s hubby Kris Humphries aren’t exactly, um, besties. But which side are you on — Team Khloe or Team Kris? [Wetpaint]

You may be dressing up like Snooki or Kim Kardashian for Halloween, but what are they dressing up as?! [Posh24]

And speaking of crazy costumes, it seems like every day is Halloween for Nicki Minaj. Which of her outfits EVER is your fave? [HuffPost High School]

If our 30 Days With Debby Ryan isn’t enough for ya, get even more deets on Debby and her fab new show, Jessie, right here! [Seventeen]

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