From Our BFFs: Is Demi Lovato Working On A New Album? Or Movie? Or What?!

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Demi Lovato is back to work, woo hoo! But no one knows what she’s up to. Okay, Demi, time to dish. [Hollywire]

Do you think Rebecca Black is a “genius”? Believe it or not, that’s what Lady Gaga called her. Um, if she’s a genius, we’re Albert Einstein. [Seventeen]

You probably know Jasmine V‘s name because she kissed Justin Bieber that one time, but she’s actually really talented. Seriously. [4tnz!]

Is Miley Cyrus finally rejoining Twitter? Yes! No! Well, she is and she isn’t… [JSYK]

You’ll never guess which up-to-no-good character is returning to Gossip Girl to terrorize the Upper East Side. Hint: it’s not Georgina. [Wetpaint]

Maybe Jwoww isn’t bringing in the big bucks on Jersey Shore? She’s just signed on for a second job as… [Posh 24]

Are you as excited about the Suite Life movie as we are? Don’t miss these two new sneak peek clips and super-cute snapshots! [Just Jared Jr]