Demi Lovato Starts Drama Over a Literal Meme That Had Nothing to Do with Her

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Demi, Demi, Demi… when will you ever learn to bite your tongue? In probably the most confusing of her WTF-moments, Demi Lovato has stirred the drama pot for seemingly no reason at all.

It all started when a comedic Instagram page posted a meme comparing Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey. The pic was obviously supposed to be a joke, but the 23-year-old obviously didn’t feel that way…

We have a lot of questions here. How did the “Confident” crooner even find this post? Why did she feel the need to jump in and diss one of the greatest pop singers of all time? But her antics didn’t stop there! Demi then found a clip of Jennifer Lopez discussing her feud with Mariah and decided to also throw in a comment about how “unnecessarily rude” the “Hero” songstress really is.

While DL very well may have a point (Mariah is known for being pretty shady on occasion), no one understands why she felt the need to come for someone who never even mentioned her name.

Although JLo, Ari and Mariah have all kept their mouths shut on the situation, Demi simply commented, “Too tired to give two f*cks.” Ummmm….oh-kay.


So far, Ms. Lovato hasn’t taken back her comments like she has many times before: