The One Reason Demi Lovato May Have a Problem Getting Back Into Acting

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Hey, Demi Lovato, we’re actually ready for that Camp Rock reunion whenever you are! Well, you and the Jonas Brothers, obviously.

In a recent interview with PopSugar, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer opened up about everything from working on new music to where she sees her career — and personal life — going in five years. One of the more surprising and exciting plans she revealed in the interview is that she’s actually ready to get back into acting!

“Music is very important to me,” Demi told the outlet. “I want to get back into acting at some point, too.” In case you don’t follow her career as closely as the rest of us, it’s been quite some time since Demi has taken on an acting role.

Although she’s down to get back into the acting world, in the 25-year-old musician’s mind, there’s just one little problem with her getting back into acting: all that body ink! When asked what types of roles she’d want to take on these days, Demi said anything and everything is on the table. “Anything,” she said. “I think it just depends on what they’ll allow me to play with all my tattoos.” Considering the fact that Demi is an incredibly talented actress, we’re sure there are PLENTY of directors who would die to work with her — tattoos and all.

Aside from talking about getting back into the acting game, the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer also revealed that she wants to start a family sooner than you’d think! Demi said, “…hopefully I’ll be starting a family in five years, but you never know! Life never goes according to plan. We’ll see what happens. I may just be a dog lady and be working on my tenth album.”

As long as Demi doesn’t pull an Ed Sheeran on us and say she’ll quit music once she becomes a parent, we’re all more than happy to see Demi become a mom down the line. Wouldn’t she make the best mom ever?!