Alex Wassabi Threatens to “End” Deji if He Talks About LaurDIY Breakup Again

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The YouTube world is never short on drama, as is proven by Alex Wassabi and Deji‘s recent feud.

The British YouTuber uploaded a video making fun of YT couples making cringey emotional vids when they break up and specifically mentioned Alex and ex-girlfriend LaurDIY, who did just that to announce their split last weekend.

While the 21-year-old only noted that Alex and Lauren made a combined total of three videos about the breakup, the 28-year-old was not happy to see him talking about his ex.

Alex tweeted, “Yo @deji. make all the desperate for views vids u want about me but if u even speak lauren’s name again I’ll end u. not a threat bruv it’s a promise. say one more thing about us & next time I see u I’m knocking ur pathetic untalented a** out. stay in ur bro’s shadow where u belong.”

Lauren also took to Twitter to call him out for using her name and breakup for views.

“Hey @Deji I don’t know you and/or give a flying f about your life, so keep my name and my relationship out of your mouth and pathetically desperate videos. You know NOTHING about the circumstances of the break up so move along and make some original content,” she wrote.

KSI‘s younger brother eventually fired back at Alex, tweeting, “Lauren finally realized what a waste of space you truely [sic] are. Lauren can now finally grow as a better person now that she’s away from you. Lauren is finally out to get some better d*ck haha. Lauren, Lauren…Lauren.”

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To be fair, Deji did not only call out Laurex’s breakup video. He also mentioned people like Shani Grimmond and Johnathon Sauer, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy, etc.