9 Hot Guys Debby Ryan Supposedly Dated Before the Insatiable Fiasco

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It’s been a while since former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan made headlines, but recently, she found herself in hot water when Netflix dropped the trailer for her upcoming series, Insatiable. Immediately upon seeing the preview for the show, people were livid. Why? Because the series seems to be centered around an overweight girl’s journey from being bullied to being loved and accepted once she sheds some weight, which is problematic for many reasons.

Despite the backlash that Debby (and Netflix) has received since the trailer came out, it actually got us thinking: What is Debby up to these days? Is she working on any other projects besides Insatiable? Is she traveling the world? Is she dating anyone new? And, while we’re at it, which stars has she even dated in the past? If you need a refresher, take a look at these nine hotties Debby’s been linked to throughout her career: