10 Reasons Why We’re Hardcore Girl-Crushing on Debby Ryan

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Tumblr (ledamuir-rpc)

Tumblr (ledamuir-rpc)

Disney Channel has churned out its share of tween queens; Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato… you get the idea. But with all their shows out of the picture, and JESSIE reigning supreme, it’s about time that we all collectively hail the ultimate icon Debby Ryan.

Since her one-episode stint on Barney & Friends in 2006, the now-20-year-old actress has grown in front of our eyes, and blossomed into the star we all know and love today. So, it gives us great pleasure to honor DR on this wonderful Woman Crush Wednesday with ten reasons why we’re hardcore girl-crushing on her: