She’s Obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal & Bruno Mars? Yup. Meaghan Martin Is Our New BFF (Exclusive Video)

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Meaghan Martin, can you please be our BFF? We have SO much in common with the Dear Lemon Lima star it’s scary. From her celeb crush to her fave song of the moment, we’re convinced we were like, separated at birth or something. Minus the fact that she’s “not a Belieber.” But we won’t hold it against her. We don’t think.

Oh, and what makes Meaghan feel “ridiculous?” Click on for our adorbs Q&A!

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Dear Lemon Lima is out on iTunes and VOD now and if you live in LA? Catch it at Culver Plaza theatres! Will you see the movie? Are you a Meaghan fan? Tell us in the comments!