18 Incredible Deadpool Tattoos All Fans Will Actually Consider Copying

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deadpool clapping

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Deadpool 2 is officially out, people! And whether you’ve seen the Marvel sequel on the big screen yet or not, chances are you’re still pretty much obsessed with the antihero.

You’re probably super aware that Zayn Malik is basically covered with tattoos, but you might not know that one of the designs he has on his body is none other than Deadpool. The “Let Me” singer got Ryan Reynolds‘ character permanently inked on his body along with the Incredible Hulk and the Joker, last June.

But the 25-year-old crooner definitely is not the only person in the world to have a tribute to his favorite comic book character etched in his skin. In honor of the recent release of Deadpool 2, we decided to round up the best Deadpool tats we could find online. Whether you’d get the hero tattooed on your body or not, you gotta give it up to the people on this list — just LOOK at these designs!!