Stuntwoman Dies After Crashing Her Motorcycle While Filming Deadpool 2

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An unidentified stuntwoman is tragically dead after she got into a motorcycle accident on the set of Deadpool 2 earlier today. The Vancouver Police Department confirmed the news in a brief statement on Twitter.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman lost control of the motorized bike as she was filming a scene and crashed through a window near Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver. TMZ reports that she “went airborne” before coming to a stop with her body partially inside and partially outside the building.

Sharmina Kermalli just walked into the Starbucks next door when she heard the crash and went running out to see what happened. It was there she saw the stuntwoman laying there with glass still falling down and her damaged motorcycle several feet away.

“I was thinking, ‘What if I was just five seconds [later],'” she told CTV News

Ambulances quickly arrived to the scene to take the rider to the hospital, but she unfortunately did not survive the wreck and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Reporter Laura Kane is currently at the location of the accident and says the deceased woman rehearsed the stunt multiple times and had no problems.

The death that took place on the Deadpool 2 set comes just about one month after John Bernecker, a The Walking Dead stuntman, passed away after falling “more than 20 feet off a balcony onto a concrete floor” in a stunt gone wrong.

Just yesterday, Tom Cruise was seriously injured during a failed Mission Impossible 6. The actor was supposed to leap onto a building, but fell short of the mark and collapsed in pain.

May the woman rest in peace.