18 “Days Without Sex” Memes That Made Us Laugh Until We Cried

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days without sex meme


If you’ve been on social media recently (and LBR, you most likely have been), you’ve probably come across the latest meme, which has been dubbed “Days Without Sex.” Like every good meme, it started with just a few people. Except, this time, these people just so happened to be going through a dry spell in their sex lives, leading them to tweet about all the crazy sh*t they’ve been doing since the last time they did the dirty.

As the tweets got more and more attention, the Twitterverse really took ’em and ran with ’em, and TBH, we can’t look away! Curious to know the hilarious things people have been doing since the last time they had sex? Keep scrollin’! It’s about to get GOOD and LOL-worthy.