Surprise! A Wizards of Waverly Place Star Got Engaged MONTHS Ago

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David Henrie and his love Maria Cahill have been together for a few years now, but never really showed their relationship off online. The former Wizards of Waverly Place star says he “always debated keeping [his] personal life private or public,” but ultimately decided to let fans in on a pretty big secret earlier today — the couple is engaged!!

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But wait! The news of the the 27-year-old’s engagement isn’t the only shocking piece of information. David actually asked Maria to marry him back on October 7, 2016, and the pair’s wedding date is set for this April. Here’s what the Disney actor recalls about the day he popped the question:

“The day went so smooth, so perfect, so easy that I almost forgot that I was proposing! And at that second, ALL HIT ME, like a brick, my hands started shaking… She had given me the previous year a very nice gift for my birthday. It was a picture in an envelope. In the envelope, she wrote a note on the outside that read, ‘Your 26th birthday could be the best day of your life but this was mine,’ and inside the envelope was the drawing of her and I when we finally met in New York for the first time, so sweet. (One of our friends sharing our table gave it to her as a present and she gave it to me) So I used the same envelope and put a big arrow in the back and wrote: ‘You told me what the best day of your life was, now let me tell you about mine.’ She opened the envelope and my note was written at the back of the picture, my proposal letter. It described all the beautiful things about our relationship that led us to the happiest day of my life, ‘October 7th of 2016, the day I get to propose to you.'”

David says he and Maria plan on having kids soon, too.

Congratulations to the happy couple!! Thanks for making us feel old 😉

Before he met Maria, David was a big fan of dating his co-stars: