Pedophile Pretending to be Zoe Sugg Thrown in Jail for Child Pornography

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When Zoe Sugg recently pleaded with her fans to stay safe online because people were pretending to be her on various social media platforms, we thought it was due to trolls simply being obnoxious on the Internet. But now we realize that her PSA was much more serious.

David Harmes was sentenced to eight years in prison after posing as various people including the beauty guru, a member of the boy band Bars And Melody and a modeling agent on Skype and coercing young girls into performing sex acts on camera and distributing child pornography. The 20-year-old pleaded guilty to 35 offenses, including “causing or inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity and making and distributing indecent photographs of a child.” The disgusting act allegedly went on for FIVE YEARS and there were a total of 294 victims. When cops searched the British man’s home they found 1,804 videos and 129 pictures of child porn and 59,041 online chats.

“Harmes duped young girls into thinking they were talking to people they looked up to and in some cases posed as a modelling agency representative so that he could manipulate them for his own pleasure,” a Cheshire police officer said. “It is a timely reminder that while the Internet is an amazing tool, it has a darker side which we need to be mindful of and shows just how imperative it is that parents are aware of the sites their children are accessing and who they are communicating with.
People like Harmes have no qualms with using the internet to their own perverse means.”

Although Zoe might not have been aware of David specifically, she took the news of his arrest very seriously and once again urged her young followers to practice safe Internet habits.

There are no words to describe just how horrific this man’s acts were. PLEASE be careful online, you guys.


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