One of Your Favorite Gay YouTube Couples Has Unfortunately Called it Quits

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Just as we thought the YouTube relationship world was starting to get a little more positive, yet another couple announced their breakup. Just a month after gay YouTuber Davey Wavey introduced the world to his boyfriend, the LGBTQ+ advocate is now a single man. The 32-year-old and his long-term significant other, Jake, were in an open relationship for multiple years, but ultimately decided to call it quits.

“After two and half years of dating and challenging each other and growth, my boyfriend and I have decided to transform our relationship into something different, which is a really nice way of saying that we broke up,” he said in a recent YT video.

Ultimately, the the YT star & his bae “decided friendship is a better fit” for them, and while he is obviously sad during this time, he says he’s “never gonna look back on it as a regret or something that didn’t work out.” In fact, Davey learned some important lessons from being in the relationship, one being that instead of distancing yourself from the person you love when you get hurt, you should connect to him or her instead.

“When you know that and when you practice that, it absolutely transforms your relationship and how you deal with conflict and each other. And if it took a two and a half year relationship to learn that, I’m okay with it.”

We hope Davey and Jake can still continue being friends despite their decision to split.

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