Must-Watch Vid: “Last Friday Night,” Dave Days Made This Katy Perry Spoof and We’re Obsessed

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Just because Kathy Beth Terry Katy Perry was having the time of her life partying with hotties and playing Dance, Dance, Revolution with Rebecca Black “Last Friday Night,” let’s be honest… Dave Days, hilarious-video-making-extraordinaire, was home on his computer, stalking his Facebook friends, “watching videos, Skyping everyone he knows.” OMG, us too! Except unlike us, Dave made a YouTube video about it, spoofing Katy’s vid for “Last Friday Night” and telling it like it really is. Because most peeps are home cyber stalking, not out partying with celebs, on the weekend. Or maybe that’s just us…

Click to watch!

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Can’t wait to see part 2 on July 9! In the meantime, stalk catch up with Dave on Twitter @davedays and tell us what you think of his spoof in the comments!