Is Darren Criss Dueting With Adam Levine?

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A duet between Darren Criss and Adam Levine would be like, hotness overload, even for Glee — but, sorry, it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. But what we can look forward to in the near future? A Maroon 5 song sung by Darren Criss (Blaine) and the Warblers!

Ryan Murphy revealed that him and Adam are friends (jeal!) and both were in agreement that a Maroon 5 needed to be covered on the show.

So, which song is it going to be?

“Misery!” Yay! But as for the storyline around which the song is centered, Ryan said:

“We haven’t written the script, so I don’t know if it will be romantic or not. Darren has certainly blown up and become really sought after, and I love his interpretations of a lot of things. I thought his voice and Adam’s voice would fit each other well – and indeed they do. I like that the acapella group can do all sorts of music, including rock, but I don’t know what the story is going to be yet.”

Fingers crossed for it to be romantic! Are you excited to hear a Maroon 5 song on Glee?

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