Proof That Darren Criss is Hands Down the Best Glee Guy

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Ever since Darren Criss joined the cast of Glee back in 2010, he's managed to always breathe new life into the show. From his emotional relationship with Chris Colfer's Kurt (#KlaineForever, ya'll) to his beautiful singing voice (his version of "Teenage Dream" might be better than the original — just sayin'), we just can't get enough of Blaine Anderson — or Darren!

So, in honor of our latest Man Crush Monday, what better person to celebrate — especially since the fifth season of Glee is coming to and end. So, we've decided to round up a bunch of GIFs proving why DC is OBVIOUSLY the best Glee guy. Check them out below!

1. His laugh. (OK, we know you can't hear it here, but just imagine it.)


2. He's mutli-talented. What CAN'T Darren do?


3. He's not afraid to take fashion risks. Those pink sunglasses though…


4. He can pull off old man glasses like nobody's business. I mean….


5. He has a strong love of Harry Potter. Heck, he made a whole MUSICAL based off HP. That's pretty hardcore.


6. He OWNED the Broadway stage. Remember when he was in that production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying?!


7. And last but not least — nobody looks better in a Warblers uniform than he does. We'll just leave this here…


Do you agree? Is Darren the best Glee guy? Sound off in the comments section!

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