Darren Criss Revisits Hogwarts at the NYC Premiere of ‘Harry Potter’

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Before he was a Gleek-y hunk and Kurt’s possible boyfriend, Darren Criss was actually the “boy who lived!” That’s right. He played Harry Potter in the YouTube favorite A Very Potter Musical.

So, what was it like for the on-stage Harry Potter to meet the movie Harry Potter?!

In an interview at the Harry Potter premiere, Darren said:

“I love the books. I love everything about it… I was involved in a musical in college and I played Harry and wrote songs for those two shows we did. I never would have thought it would lead to me actually being here. Like on the red carpet with Rupert Grint.”

Oh, but it has (like we mind?)! And he paid even more of a tribute to his way-back-when past with his outfit. Paired with a cool gray blazer and distressed leather shoes, Darren donned a striped tie in Gryffindor’s classic colors: gold and scarlet!

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