O-M-Glee: Darren Criss Tells Billboard He’s “Working On” a Solo Album!

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Darren Criss getting his very own mag cover? Without the rest of the gleeks? Or the Warblers? A very happy Friday for us (and him) indeed! Darren aka Blaine from Glee is looking pretty good on the cover of Billboard magazine, and there’s even better news inside — he’s working on a solo album!

Click on for more from Darren on the Warblers album, the Glee tour, and why he wanted to be a genie when he was little!

On his love for musical theater: For me, it was Disney. I remember seeing people’s reaction to Aladdin and thinking, “Oh, man, I want to be a genie when I grow up!” Robin Williams is a pretty big character in San Francisco.

On the possibility of a solo album: We’re working on it—we’re really excited and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’m so thrilled that it’s something that can happen because of Glee and like the Warblers album I hope I can do it justice and make it something that people can really enjoy.

On prepping for the Glee tour: A year ago, I was so psyched that my first show in L.A. was at the Troubadour. Talk about so much for baby steps. It’s like, “Wait—Staples Center, are you kidding me?” I was happy to drive around in a beat-up, crappy old van with my bandmates and just go to small clubs around the country.

The mag hits newsstands on April 18! Are you gonna get it? Are you happy to see Darren on a magazine cover? We wanna know below!