11 of Your Favorite Holiday Movies That are Actually Really Dark

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With Halloween behind us and the holiday season officially in full swing, we’ve pretty much ditched the horror movies and thrillers and have moved on to watching some of our favorite Christmas movies, and TBH, they are festive AF. There’s still a bunch of time before Christmas to binge watch your holiday favorites, so slip into your onesie pajamas, make some hot cocoa, eat some candy canes, and spend some well-deserved hours lying on the couch and getting into the holiday spirit.

We’re not going to lie… it’s not easy picking out which Christmas flick you want to watch. Christmas movies are basically a whole genre all on their own! Do you start with the classics? The cartoons? The modern Christmas love stories? Ugh… there are just SO many options! But, if you really can’t decide, don’t forget that every year Freeform does their special 25 Days of Christmas programming, where they basically play Christmas movies all day, every day until Santa himself slides down your chimney and eats all of your cookies.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to get the whole family together to watch some of the most festive and family-oriented Christmas movies, like Elf, of course! And honestly, the Home Alone movies can keep us entertained for HOURS! But, if by any chance you’re tired of watching the same old happy holiday movies about getting into the Christmas spirit and embracing miracles, there are surprisingly some very dark holiday movies that aren’t quite as… merry.

That’s right! Before you immediately jump to the obvious Christmas favorites that practically have you smelling peppermint and eggnog through the screen, kick your young family members out of the room and put on one of these super dark and creepy holiday flicks. Sure, they’re not going to give you that same holiday cheer you’re used to, but hey, at least you’ll be entertained! Check it out: