Daren Kagasoff Joins ‘Delirium’ Pilot as Emma Roberts’ Love Interest

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Secret Life of the American Teenager might be going into its final season, but Daren Kagasoff has already lined up his next gig. TVLine is reporting that the current ABC Family star has been cast as Emma Roberts‘ main love interest in FOX’s upcoming Delirium pilot, based on the best-selling YA trilogy penned by Lauren Oliver.

Daren, who has played teen dad Ricky for the last five years on Secret Life, will star as Alex, who is a police officer in a world where love has been deemed illegal. In fact, all citizens must undergo a procedure when they’re 18, so they can no longer feel the emotion. However, mere weeks before she’s to have the surgery, Lena (Emma) meets Alex, and does the unthinkable — falls in love.

Other actors who will be in the pilot include Wizards of Waverly Place and Pretty Little Liars star Gregg Sulkin, who will take on the part of Julien Fineman who (spoiler!) is Lena’s love interest in the second book, Pandemonium. Also, Billy Campbell will play Julien’s father Thomas, who is an advocate of the anti-love procedure.

Daren tweeted about the exciting news, saying “Im living the dream. Thanks to all my fans. #Delirium #AlexSheathes.” This is promising news for his post Secret Life-career, much like his co-star and on-screen love interest, Shailene Woodley, as she’ll be taking part in the big screen adaptation of the popular YA book series, Divergent.

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