Congrats are in Order — One of Your Faves from Girl Meets World is Engaged!

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It’s “Girl Meets I Do” all over again — Danielle Fishel is engaged!

The 36-year-old actress, who portrayed Topanga Lawrence/Matthews on Boy Meets World for seven seasons and on Girl Meets World for three seasons, just announced that she’s tapped to wed Drop the Mic executive producer Jensen Karp after less than a year of dating.

“I woke up today thinking it would be a normal day and it was anything but normal,” the star wrote on Instagram. “I put on my Genghis Cohen t-shirt and went to see @jensenclan88 at work where I proceeded to screw up a very romantic marriage proposal by being too efficient (this is very on brand for me). The future Mr. and Mrs. Karp are now engaged and no one is more excited than I am.”

(Guess who took this picture. Actually, we’ll just tell you — GMW alum Sabrina Carpenter!)

Around the same time, Danielle’s new fiancé posted the same photograph on his own Instagram page, along with the caption, “We got engaged today. I don’t have anything witty or funny to say to accompany this picture. She is just the greatest person in the world and to imagine someone I went to high school with was always my person, is remarkable. You never know ❤️?❤️”

Drop the Mic co-host Hailey Baldwin also shared the exciting news on Instagram Stories, plastering the words, “We have a Drop the Mic engagement!!!!!!” on a photo of the couple.

This will be the second time down the aisle for Danielle, as she was previously married to teacher Tim Belusko for two years. The two started dating in May 2009, got engaged two years later, then said, “I do,” in October 2013. Come October 2015, the two separated; they divorced in March 2016.