A Look at Every Guy Muser Danielle Cohn Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated

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Before her musical.ly career took off, Danielle Cohn was just a Florida native who competed in beauty pageants. But after she started posting on the app, things changed. Over the years, she has racked up millions of followers on her social media accounts and has even moved away from the lip-syncing to release a couple of her own singles. For awhile, her voice and her looks have been her claim to fame, but now the 13-year-old is gaining a reputation for other reasons — all the guys she’s dated.

Even though she’s just barely a teenager and has only been playing the dating game for a couple years now, Dani has racked up quite the lengthy list of boyfriends. And the only reason her relationship history is as long as it is, is because most of her rumored baes don’t last any more than a couple of months. She’s clearly young and having fun, to which we say, you do you boo-boo. But the Internet has not been as kind! It seems like Danielle can’t post a pic with a guy, friend or not, without being called all kinds of names — usually by other girls. (Maybe that could be why she primarily hangs out with guys? Just a thought.)

But just in case you’ve been having as much trouble keeping track of the Muser as we have, we rounded up all of her rumored exes over the past couple years. You’ll notice that as the list gets longer, the guys get older. And while we aren’t judging, we cannot support ILLEGAL relationships and do hope she starts slowing things down soon. It looks like Danielle’s growing up a little fast, and someone should tell her she won’t be a teen forever and she should enjoy being young and having fun on her own while it lasts.