Can’t Say We Didn’t See This One Coming; a One Direction Guy is Now a Single Man

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When Danielle Campbell and Gregg Sulkin were spotted holding hands on New Year’s Eve, people were very confused — had the Originals star broken up with her longtime boyfriend Louis Tomlinson?? Sources said no, the 21- and 24-year-old were just friends. Even though Greggelle didn’t seem to be a real thing, Lounelle apparently couldn’t hang on either.

“Louis and Danielle have made the decision to split up but they are still going to be mates,” a source told The Sun. “They’re still talking to each other and there is no bad feeling whatsoever. It’s really sad because Danielle has been there for Louis through this horrible time. She has stood by him, remained loyal and continued to be a great support, which is exactly what he needs. Sometimes these things just don’t work out and for Louis and Danielle this was the best way forward.”

The couple was last seen together following Louis’ The X-Factor performance in honor of his mother’s sudden death, but the brunette beauty posted a picture in honor of the 25-year-old’s birthday just a few weeks ago.

Maybe those hand-holding pictures really were something more than just two friends hanging out? Who knows for sure, but the timing is a little bit interesting to simply be coincidental, if you ask us.

Before Danielle came around, Louis “dated” quite a few other stars: