The Victorious Cast Reunions Happen More Often Than People Realized

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It was September 2015 when the Internet freaked out over a Victorious cast reunion. Some people were noticeably absent from that particular event — you know, like Ariana Grande — but it didn’t take away from the awesome factor. Clearly, the end of the successful Nickelodeon series in 2013 didn’t spell the end of the cast friendships.

That was even further proven around the 2015 holidays, when the Victorious cast reunited, once again — including Ariana! — for a onesie party. (Like, can we join in on the action, guys? Kgreatthx.) And, apparently, those reunions happen more often than people even realized; show favorite Daniella Monet (Trina) told us so herself!

While the 26-year-old actress was promoting her new Nickelodeon show, Paradise Run, we, of course, took the time to chat with her about the competition series… but we couldn’t let her skate by without throwing it back to the good ol’ days of Victorious. Little did we know that the ‘good ol’ days’ are still going on:

What was the craziest thing to ever happen on set of Victorious?

“I always enjoyed the stunts that I got to do. I felt like I took a bit of a beating sometimes because my character was a klutz or such a diva. So that part was actually pretty fun for me.”

“I would say the craziest times usually happened when it was just all of us in the same room at the same time. Like when we were stuck in an RV, or stuck in a mall or when we did that trip to Yurba. That whole episode was overwhelmingly chaotic; it was pretty awesome. There was this one episode, I don’t know if anyone’s ever talked about this… It was the “Brain Squeezers” episode. It was a late night, we’re all tired out of our minds and we’re all working together, so it’s obviously the best experience ever, but we got our phones taken away at one point. They were like, ‘You need to focus’ and we were just so delirious. And we loved working together so much that we were just one of those groups that you’re like, ‘Okay, we forgot we were working.’ It was really fun.”

You played Victoria Justice’s character’s sister, Trina, on the series, and you are older than Victoria in real life. Did you ever feel like you were actually sisters?

“Oh yeah, I think in the beginning for sure. I was older than everyone, so I kind of had that dynamic already that I wanted to kick in and give people advice. So yeah, I definitely felt that way with Vic. Our rooms were literally across from each other, so we would constantly have our own little banter. I’d ask her if this looked good and she’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s so cute.'”



Besides Victoria, is there anyone else from the cast that you are still close with?

“I’m still close with everyone. I’m really close with Liz [Gillies]. Liz and I will hang out almost weekly and get lunch or hike. We both have dogs, so that’s always fun. I’m close with Ari still and I’m close with the guys. Leon [Thomas III] and my boyfriend are friends and Avan [Jogia] and Matt [Bennett] — it’s just fun.”

We’re still talking about when the Victorious cast reunited around Christmas time and you all wore onesies. Can you tell us more about that night?

“It was so fun. We have reunions like that more often than people know, but we don’t always take pictures. Liz is usually the person to host it, because she has this cute little house. Her and I love to cook, so it’s usually like, ‘You host it and I’ll come over and we’ll cook’ and that sort of thing. It was really fun. It was just that. We just hung out in onesies, we played games and we watched Victorious episodes like weirdos.”

Who decided on the onesies?

“That was an Ari move. I thought she was kidding, too. I saw the text and I knew Andrew, my boyfriend, was going to come and other friends were going to come and I was like, ‘Where am I going to find onesies?’ But I made it happen. It was fun; it was worth it.”

Your former castmates have been kicking butt since the show ended. What do you think about all of their success?

“It’s insane. I feel like hit the jackpot just to be amongst them.”

Do you guys help each other before big career switches and support each other?

“Yeah, for sure. I’m so, so happy for everyone. I feel like in 10 years, I’ll look back and go ‘Wow, I can’t believe how far everyone has come.’ Liz and I will talk about this all the time, like, she’s really busy and sometimes we can’t necessarily get together, but we’ll text and it’s unreal. We’re not working together, but we’re doing so much on our own and we’re so supportive of each other, so it’s cool.”

What was the hardest thing about the show ending?

“I think the hardest thing about it was that we didn’t know. But, on the flipside, it was almost easier that way because I think it would’ve been so sad for all of us. And we’ve gotten together so much throughout the years. I literally just went to Ari’s house and did a Star Wars marathon day and it was just so random. She was like, ‘Want to come over?’ And then the other day she was like, ‘Want to come over and play Monopoly?’ Or ‘What should I eat tonight?’ And I’m just like… We still have that banter, so to me it’s like, we may not have had that final moment, but we still are so close, so it’s like it never ended.”

For more from Daniella Monet, make sure to watch Nickelodeon’s new competition series, Paradise Run, at 7p daily.

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