Daniella Monet Reveals What You Need to Know About Nick’s Show, Paradise Run

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Get excited, everyone — Daniella Monet is back! The former Victorious star is a Nickelodeon pro, and now she’s back on the network as a part of its newest game show, Paradise Run! The adorable 26-year-old actress is the host for Nick’s new, fun and totally outrageous game show that premieres on February 1 (at 7pm ET — be there!), so mark your calendars.

The best part, however, is that we sat down with the star of A Fairly Odd Christmas and learned all about the fresh series, which is full of challenges and fun adventures. The whole event takes place in Hawaii and is made up of contestants that are totally normal kids. Going to Hawaii with your BFF and winning prizes? That sounds amazing! To learn more about the show and see what Daniella considers the hardest challenge of the season, keep reading.