Despite Rumors, This Nickelodeon Star is Actually NOT Engaged

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Basically no celebrity is safe from the Hollywood rumor mill and if you grew up in the limelight on a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel show, then you’re probably used to it by now. Just a few weeks ago, there was talk that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were getting ready to hear wedding bells after only recently getting together. While that gossip obvs seems a little cray, it was Ari’s Victorious co-star’s alleged engagement that had people actually believing that a Nickelodeon gal would be heading down the aisle ASAP. Daniella Monet came to Teen.com to set the record straight, talk about season two of Paradise Run and relive the good ol’ days!

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Last week, tabloids were reporting that Daniella and her longtime boyfriend, Andrew Gardner, were shopping for wedding rings and preparing for upcoming nuptials — some even claimed that the two had gone ahead and eloped! This isn’t the first time that this kind of talk has circulated, but the 27-year-old told us exclusively that the rumors are 100 percent false.

“We’re not engaged. So, that’s a fun rumor but not true. I think people probably just assume that because we’ve been together a long time,” she said.

Glad that’s straight! Of course we couldn’t let Daniella leave without asking her about the Victorious cast reunions that happen all the time.

When talking about the behind-the-scenes moment that still has the crew laughing during get-togethers, the brunette revealed, “It was “Brain [Squeezers],” that episode where we’re all on a game show panel. Any time we were all in scene together it was absolute madness but this particular night we were there really, really, really late. I remember we were all just completely delirious and Dan [Schneider, the creator of Victorious] was messing with us because he could see us on the monitors. We got our phones taken away. It was just hysterical. The best, best, best times we had were when we were all in scenes together because it’s just so much fun. You just get to work with your friends.”

It looks like everything has come full circle. While her favorite BTS moment was while her character was on a game show, she recently returned to Nick to be the host of their new competition show, Paradise Run, created by the same person who made Legends of the Hidden Temple. Season one premiered earlier in 2016, and season two is set to continue in the new year, complete with a 50-foot slip-n-slide, a huge zip line and even bigger challenges than ever before. There’s also a special twist to season two: the newest generation of Nickelodeon stars are also on the show as contestants! Daniella can seriously relate to some of the young stars just coming into Hollywood on the kid-oriented network.

“I love the spunkiness of the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn kids because that’s probably about the age that I started to do TV shows and stuff. For being that young, they’re all so professional and good at what they do, which I love. It’s very fun to work with them.”

Paradise Run continues on Nickelodeon on January 2nd, but you can stream season one and two on Nick.com today!

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