Web Star Tries to Break Up musical.ly’s Cutest Couple, Baby Ariel & Blake Gray

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At 16 years old, Baby Ariel (real name: Ariel Martin) is the Queen of musical.ly, no contest. That means, by default, her boyfriend, fellow Muser Blake Gray, is King (though we’re sure you can make arguments for guys other than the 16-year-old cutie). So you can only imagine the outrage that ensued when another star from the social media platform tried to sabotage their relationship. Can you say DRAMA?

On Instagram, Daniel Veda from The Bomb Digz posted the following picture. (Since the 15-year-old made his account private post-dramz, we embedded it ourselves for you to see.)

Instagram (@danielveda)

Instagram (@danielveda)

Peep that caption: “when u want her to be your [baby emoji] but u know u can’t have her.”

Oh yeah, and there’s this, too:

Blake & Ariel weren’t here for it. They both took to Instagram, posting different pictures of themselves from the same day. Blake’s caption reads, “alllllll mine.”

A post shared by Blake Gray (@blakegray) on

A post shared by Baby Ariel (@babyariel) on

It would be nice to say that things were over and done with after that… but NOPE.

Muser Bryce Hall is so NOT Team Daniel:

But Dan’s fellow The Bomb Digz members, Kevie Kev & Devin Gordon, definitely are:

Bryce, Daniel, Kevie and Devin then proceeded to brawl with one another… and it still doesn’t stop there. Muser Arii got in there, too (though, she’s since deleted her tweets), as well as *dun dun dun* Ariel’s ex-boyfriend, Zach Clayton (a.k.a. bruhitszach)!

Gotta love the musical.ly dramz!
Blake and Ariel met because of musical.ly, but these couples started dating thanks to YouTube: