Daniel Sharman Turns Down Role in One Direction Fanfiction Movie, After

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The movie adaptation of Anna Todd‘s One Direction fanfiction, After, has been a long time coming. Back in November, it was announced that Jenny Gage will be directing the film, which really got the ball rolling with production, casting, etc. Fans haven’t been shy in letting everyone involved with the adaptation know who they want to play Tessa and Hardin, but one actor who was on the top of many people’s lists for the lead guy is officially out of the running.

According to producer Jennifer Gibgot, top-pick Daniel Sharman was offered a role in the flick, but ultimately decided to turn it down.

Anna retweeted this information, confirming its truth, but assured fans who were upset about the news that the actor and actress who got the parts are amazing

“Just so we’re clear, I LOVE who we have chosen as Hessa and I will protect them at all costs,” she tweeted. “Your days of waiting and waiting are coming to an end soon I promise.”

The Teen Wolf alum was many people’s top pick to play Harry Styles Hardin and, if we’re being honest, he kind of seemed like a shoo-in for the role. He actually posted an edited picture of himself covered in tattoos, which is what he’d look like as the character, back in February and tagged multiple After Instagram accounts.

Maybe.. @after.brasil @jgibgot @imaginator1d @afternews

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We’re been waiting for the After movie for SO long that, honestly, we don’t even care who plays Tessa and Hardin at this point. Okay; that’s a lie. This casting is a huge deal to so many people, but if we know anything about Anna it’s that she won’t let her fans down.