From Our BFFS: Is Daniel Radcliffe Totally Jeal of Robert Pattinson?!

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Robert Pattinson might have only been Daniel Radcliffe‘s costar in Harry Potter, but since then, let’s face it…he’s def the bigger celeb. Funny enough, Harry Daniel says he’s totes fine with that. [Hollywire]

It’s the battle of the forbidden loves on The Nine Lives of Chloe King! Who’s team are you on, Team Alek or Team Brian? You’ll never guess who Benjamin Stone is rooting for… then again, maybe it won’t be that surprising. [Seventeen]

If you haven’t already heard, The Glee Project crowned two winners on Sunday. Now, get the gleekful scoop on their Glee characters! [Wetpaint]

Lady Gaga is getting Simpsonized and that just gave us a reason to start loving The Simpsons all over again! Take a sneak peek at the ep now. [Popdust]

Need another reason to watch the MTV VMAs this weekend? How about being able to catch a teaser trailer for The Hunger Games?! [Cambio]

First listen! David Guetta featuring Jennifer Hudson… ’nuff said. [Just Jared]

Does Justin Bieber‘s mom approve of Selena Gomez? According to a recent tweet, survey says… [J-14]

Speaking of Justin, here’s some good news, for Beliebers. That Justin Bieber sign in Texas has been found, safe and sound. Phew! [JSYK]

Fashion Police‘s Kelly Osbourne was picked for worst dressed this week. Do you agree with our BFFs? [Posh24]

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