Daniel Radcliffe Repays Irish Soccer Team Two Years Later

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We always knew Daniel Radcliffe seemed like a nice guy, but now there’s officially proof that he’s probably one of the nicest in Hollywood. Two years ago, Dan went out with a minor-league soccer team from Dublin, Ireland. The guys shared a cab, but the actor suddenly realized he didn’t have money on him. So, like most people do, he told the players he’d pay them back.

And although it’s been quite a while since that outing, Daniel was determined to keep his word — and did he ever! One of the members posted the following picture on Twitter yesterday, proving that Dan Rad is the greatest ever.

If you can’t quite make out what the note says, it reads:

“Hi guys. So, thanks again for paying for my cab! I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t honour my word and pay you back. Once again great meeting you all. Hope this covers it! Dan R”


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