Justin Bieber, Is that You?! Nope. Just a Freakish JBiebs Lookalike Singing Rihanna

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But you totes thought that was Jbiebs for a sec there, huh? The girl with the same hair swoosh as Justin Bieber and a voice that, actually, sounds a lot like Bieber’s is actually Dani Shay, YouTube extraordinaire. And that’s her strumming on a guitar, singing an acoustic version of Rihanna and Eminem‘s “Love the Way You Lie.” Though if that YouTube thing doesn’t work out for her, we’re thinking she could totes get paid as a Justin Bieber impersonator. As long as she’s cool with throngs of teenage girls screaming at her 24/7.

Anyway, click to watch Dani’s amazing cover of RiRi and Em!

Do you think Dani looks like Biebs?! Do you like her version of “Love the Way You Lie?” Tell us in the comments!