10 of the Most Dangerous Toys You Definitely Played with in the ’90s

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As you very well know, the ’90s may go down as the BEST decade of all time in our books. It was the time when hand games dominated the playground, iconic movies were made, the best boy bands and girl groups were formed… Yup, there’s certainly lots to love about the ’90s.

HOWEVER, it is important to note that, while there are many toys from the 1990s that still are (kinda) cool to this very day, there are others that were so dangerous, they caused health concerns for many of their consumers. Some even had to be recalled because of their detrimental effects! Here are ten such concerning toys that you definitely played with in the ’90s:

1. Moon Shoes — They were marketed as “mini-trampolines for your feet.” Nope, don’t see any potential fractured ankles here.

2. Sky Dancers — As pretty as the flying dolls were, they caused injuries in children’s eyes and teeth. Some parents even reported temporary blindness, concussions, broken ribs and face lacerations. WHAT GOES ON?!

I'm Remembering

I’m Remembering

3. Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kid — This particular edition of CPK not only ate her plastic snacks, but human hair too. Yum.

Dangerous '90s Toys: Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kids

4. Plastic Balloons — Kids blowing polyvinyl acetate. Dissolved in acetone. Through a tiny plastic straw. Sounds like the best idea ever, right?

5. Stretch Armstrong — Imagine a game of Tug of War ending with spilled gelled corn syrup. ’cause that’s exactly what this stretchy toy was filled with, leaving mamas none too pleased.

Kenner & Denys Fisher

Kenner & Denys Fisher

6. Mr. Bucket — “The first to get their balls into Mr. Bucket wins!” *cough*

7. Socker Boppers — “More fun than a pillow fight?” Yeah right! There was barely any cushioning in these plastic balloons. Plus, encouraging kids to punch each other in general is just plain stupid.

8. Slip ‘n Slide — Whether you purchased a legit version from the store, or made it from materials lying around your garage, launching yourself onto a water-logged thin plastic sheet is completely idiotic. Here are some discomforting words for ya to let it sink in: neck injuries, bone fractures, quadriplegia and paraplegia.

Dangerous '90s Toys: Slip N' Slides

9. Yo Yo Ball — Although technically produced in the ’00s, we felt the need to remind you of the toy that caused near-strangulation and concussions for kids during the Aughts.

10. Burger King Pokeballs — Because of its size, it was easy for kids to cover their noses and mouths, leaving the potential for suffocation.

Burger King

Burger King

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