Dan & Phil Actually Invented One of the Most Popular YT Challenges of All Time

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When YouTube was first created a decade ago (that’s right; it has actually been that long!), we’re pretty sure no one predicted the massive popularity that the social media site has now accumulated. These days, Internet-famous stars are a HUGE deal, and they reach that status by connecting with viewers in a way that’s unique to them. And let’s not forget the creative and original concepts that they come up with, too.

We’ve seen YouTubers collaborate with each other to take on various challenges throughout the years, but there’s one in particular that’s insanely popular among YouTubers — the 7 Second Challenge. Admit it, you’ve binge-watched a fair amount of such vids, but do you know who the mastermind is behind the challenge? Believe it or not, the idea was developed by YT stars Dan Howell and Phil Lester, a.k.a. Dan and Phil. More specifically, Phil is the genius who created the fun idea, and now everyone posts their own attempts.

For people who might be wondering WTF the 7 Second Challenge is, it basically involves a person having just seven seconds to complete a series of silly and random tasts. And while plenty of people have taken the idea and run with it, Dan and Phil aren’t always given their due credit. According to the 29 year old, the idea was inspired by TV.

“I came up with the idea as people always come up with hilarious answers in TV game shows when they are put under pressure, so I thought I’d turn this into a challenge,” Phil told us. “I can’t believe how many people have played it now on YouTube; it’ll be my little legacy I’ll leave behind when we all get destroyed by a meteor.” El oh el.

Combined, Dan and Phil have over eight million subscribers on YouTube, which shows just how many people are Phans (notice how fans = phans within the Dan and Phil community?) of these two YouTube stars. Since the idea of the 7 Second Challenge took off, the besties decided to launch their own app version of the challenge, which has also become popular because, according to Phil, it “gives everyone something to do during an awkward family gathering!” Phil explained.

Aside from inventing the 7 Second Challenge and releasing new videos on their multiple YouTube channels, Dan and Phil have also been working tirelessly on their first U.S. tour, which recently kicked off. The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire provides a unique experience every night for Phans, and one of the most rewarding aspects for the guys is being able to have real-life interactions with fans.

“It’s great to see (and hear!) a live reaction from an audience. I love being able to meet our viewers and see that there is a real person behind each YouTube comment,” Phil said.

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Creating the concept for their tour took careful planning, especially since the guys wanted to make sure phans really felt included in the whole experience.

“We basically asked ourselves, ‘what is the Dan and Phil stage show?’ and decided that it was taking what everyone loved about us and our YouTube videos and turning it into a live, interactive experience! We made sure a lot of the show was interactive and could change every night for the different audiences so people feel like they had a special experience,” Dan told us. “It’s not just that though — we really wanted to blow people’s minds, so the show is really creative with a ‘story’ of sorts and there’s a load of surprises no one will see coming where we’ve tried to bring elements from different kinds of shows no one would expect from YouTubers!”

Dan and Phil might be busy taking over America ATM, but you can be assured that they will have more fun stuff planned for the future. “We have done so many different things (especially compared to some people that just do YouTube videos). It’s crazy, but that’s just what excites me and keeps me motivated! I have no doubt we’ll try new things, but we’ll definitely want to come back to some of the things we’ve already done with some wisdom and ideas,” Dan continued.

Be sure to follow all of Dan and Phil’s adventures on Twitter (@danisnotonfire and @AmazingPhil), Instagram (@danisnotonfire and @amazingphil) and YouTube (Danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil!

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