Younger‘s Dan Amboyer Comes Out as Gay by Announcing Secret Wedding

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Many queer celebrities are told to keep their hide their sexuality, as to not “alienate” themselves from fans, producers, agents, etc. Younger actor Dan Amboyer knows all to well what it’s like to be advised to NOT be honest for many, many years. But now, as a newly married man, the 31-year-old is done hiding and is opening up about being gay.

Dan started dating financial planner Eric P. Berger about a decade ago, but could never reveal their real relationship to the world.

“Being a young actor in the industry, I had a lot of people who strongly advised me to stay quiet,” he told People magazine. “That was hard to live with. But I’ve never played a gay role before and I didn’t want to be limited by some strange perception. When I went to work on a new show or film, there was always a process of letting people know.”

Eric and Dan got married in New York City on Saturday, October 7, (just like Tiffany Thornton!!) after getting engaged in February 2016, and decided that they were done hiding their love.

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He continued, “It was a hard decision to figure out how to approach it in a public way. there are some actors out there now who just keep it as an unspoken aspect of their life and never discuss it in public. But then there are men like Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto. I look up to them and see how them being so open affected other people and the country’s perception of gay people. And Nico Tortorella, who is also on Younger, has inspired me by the way he’s become such an advocate for sexual fluidity. I think the more open actors can be the less stigma there will be attached, which will be a positive thing moving forward.”

Eric admitted that having to keep their relationship secret for 10 years was “difficult at times,” but he knew Dan’s choice to come out publicly “was a decision he had to come to for himself.”


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