15 Ways Damon Salvatore is Better Than Any Guy You’ll Ever Meet in Real Life

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With his gorgeous eyes, hilarious wit and attitude that is both equal amounts of charming and cockiness, Damon Salvatore has RUINED all real-life men for us. Sure, Ian Somerhalder‘s Vampire Diaries character has a dark side and doesn’t mind killing people (which, we’re sure will only amp up now that Elena’s gone), but really, will you ever meet anyone better than this guy IRL? No, and here’s why:

1. Just look at that face. Come on, he is SO hunky, it isn’t even fair to real-life men.

2. He knows how to love. Someone who loves as passionately (with both Katherine and Elena) as Damon does is definitely a turn-on.

3. The bromance is real. Damon and Alaric, need we say more?

4. He is actually a giant teddy bear. Damon pretends that he is too cool for school most of the time, but when you really see him for who he is, he is a total sweetheart.

Tumblr (ssofiie)

Tumblr (ssofiie)

5. When he kisses Elena in the rain your heart melted. Why doesn’t every kiss look and feel this perfect?

6. His brother is hot, hot, hot. Really, why do TV brothers look this good? It’s not realistic, which makes us sad.

7. Hello, abs! That body is just insane.

8. His eyes are SO dreamy. Where can you find someone with piercing baby blues like this? We need to know!

9. Family wins out. Damon has had his fair share of problems with Stefan, but when push comes to shove it is clear that he loves him and would do anything to protect him.

10. He’s a total badass. What’s not to love about a bad boy? Just look at how well he wears that leather jacket.

11. Truth hurts. Okay, so he probably shouldn’t be as honest as he is in some cases, but having a guy tell you what’s on his mind would actually be nice every once and a while.

Tumblr (funworld)

Tumblr (funworld)

12. He’s not afraid to look stupid. Okay, so he actually looks extremely hot dancing, but even if he didn’t it’s his confidence that is so charming.

13. Sarcasm is his second language. You’d never stop laughing if Damon was your BF. Never.

14. The lip bite. Who knew biting your lip could look SO good.

15. He’s just the right amount of cocky. There is a fine line, but Damon knows how to be cocky without being too much of a jerk.

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