10 Things to Know About the New Glee Cuties, Damian McGinty & Grant Gustin

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Grant Gustin Damian McGinty

Ryan Murphy warned us that there will be way fewer guest-stars on Glee this season, but that didn’t keep him from hiring two major cuties! We already told you that Damian McGinty‘s after Brittany’s “Pot O’ Gold” in Episode 4 and that Grant Gustin‘s gonna shake up Klaine’s relationship in Episode 8. But what do we really know about these two guys, other than the fact that they’re adorbs?

We did the digging — now’s your chance to get the must-know info!

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1. Out of all the contestants on The Glee Project, Damian had to perform a Last Chance Recital the most (six times!).


2. Grant wrapped up the Broadway Revival Tour of West Side Story just three days before he began filming as bad-boy Sebastian on Glee. His first TV gig ever!

3. Damian’s “big” debut on American TV began in 2008 when he was in a music special on PBS.


4. Grant’s real name is actually Thomas. But he prefers to go by his middle name, Grant, professionally. Far more orig.


5. Damian won his first singing competition when he was 6 years old, but recorded his first CD 7 years later with his church choir.

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6. Grant was a regular performer for the Hurrah Players from the ages of 9-18! Talk about dedication.

7. At age 14, Damian began singing in an all-male group called Celtic Thunder, which Billboard mag named Top World Album Artist in 2009.

8. Grant attended Elon University in North Carolina after graduating from high school, but left after his sophomore year to pursue his acting career. Clearly, it paid off.

9. If not for his TGP BFF, Cameron, Damian would NOT have been a recurring character on Glee, since Cam saved Damian from elimination by withdrawing himself in Episode 7.


10. Grant owes a lot of his new acting chops to Darren Criss (surprise, surprise,) who’s been the #1 gleek to show him the ropes on set.

Which guy do you think’s gonna be more fun to watch? And, more importantly, which guy is cuter — Damian or Grant? Cast your vote in the poll, then reveal your thoughts in the comments!