The Same YA Actress Missed Out on 6 Huge Movie Roles

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Dakota Fanning has been a star ever since her breakout role in the film I Am Sam. From there, she went on to become a well-known actress, most notably for her portrayal of Volturi vampire Jane in The Twilight Saga. Now, she’s working on breaking out of her younger image even more with more dramatic adult roles on the way. However, despite all of her success throughout the years, Dakota has managed to miss a number of opportunities as well.

In fact, while Dakota’s younger sister, Elle Fanning, has been in the spotlight, with roles in films like Maleficent and About Ray, another YA story, a classic movie reboot and even her own princess role seemed to slip right through Dakota’s fingers. Here are some of the roles that Dakota Fanning almost had for herself, but unfortunately, missed out on: