6 Beautiful Ladies That (Allegedly) Stole the Heart of David Henrie

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When we think of David Henrie, we think of the cute boy who stole our hearts as Justin Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. Sure, the show hasn’t been on Disney Channel for years, but old habits die hard! While the 27-year-old will forever been Selena Gomez‘s on-screen older brother in our hearts, he’s definitely more than just that — including a husband!

The actor married longtime girlfriend and beauty queen Maria Cahill on April 21, proving that he’s all grown up and nowhere near the same person he was when he was on WoWP. It makes us sad to see the handsome guy be taken off the market, but the two are just so cute together!

Long before David proposed to his new wife, he dated a few other recognizable celebrities, including three co-stars!!! We compiled a list of all of the girls the tall, dark and handsome guy was linked to before he met the one: