Dad Wears Short Shorts in Public to Teach His Daughter a Lesson

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Teen girls — this will certainly make you think twice about the length of your shorts. Recently, a dad in Utah had become so annoyed with the short shorts his daughter was wearing, that he decided to mimic her look. And the results are…interesting.

Seen in the photo to the left, the dad is sporting a "Best. Dad. Ever." t-shirt while wearing a pair of entirely too short cut offs. While to an outsider it might seem like he was just trying to get a rise out of her and or embarrass her, he actually had a deeper meaning to his scare tactic.

“I simply did this in hopes that my daughter would know of my great love for her and that she knows of her great worth,” Scott Mackintosh told the Desert News. He added, “Now that it has gone viral, I hope that young women everywhere understand their great worth. I will look like an idiot any day if that point gets across."

The teen in question — a girl named Myley — posted the photo on Tumblr and broke down the situation: "My mom told me to change my 'slutty' shorts before we went to dinner. I said no. So my dad cut his jeans to fit in. We went to dinner and then mini golf like this."

If you notice, Myley even resembles her namesake, sporting a super short, bleach blonde 'do.


As we're sure many of you know, teenage girls are just about the most stubborn people in the world, so the whole thing didn't really go over as the dad had planned. He explained: "There was no ‘Dad I get it’ or ‘Dad you’re the best…. thanks for that awesome lesson. I don’t think my object lesson of ‘modest is hottest’ made the statement I had intended. But no matter if social media gets the story mixed up and twisted, my daughter will always know that her dad loves her and cares about her enough to make a fool out of himself.”

What do YOU think of this dad? Was this over the top? Or were his actions justified? Sound off in the comments section!

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