Dad Pays Daughter $200 to Quit Facebook For Four Months: Worth It?

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Facebook has truly taken over many people’s lives, sot it begs the question: would you be able to go without it for four months to earn a cash prize? That’s what one Boston teen is doing! Recently, a 14-year-old girl named Rachel Baier negotiated a contract with her father, where she would stay off of Facebook for four months and be $200 richer when it was all said and done.

The contract reads: “I Rachel Baier agree to deactivate my Facebook Account from 2/4/13 to 6/26/13. In return, my dad,  Paul Baier, agrees to pay me $50 on 4/15/13 and $150 on 6/26/13. He/she will have access to my Facebook to change the password and to deactivate the account. This will prevent me from re-activating the account in the future. I plan to use the money for the following purposes: stuff.”

Well, we have to give Rachel props for her strength. Four whole months sans Facebook? That’s four months of no liking, tagging, and funny memes. We don’t know if we could do it! However, it appears as though it was her idea because wanted for time to get a job and focus on school.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t goofing off online what being a teen is all about?! We totally respect the wanting to focus on school thing (you go girl!) but she has the rest of her life to work and get a job! Maybe she should have negotiated something about only being able to go on it for an hour a night or something?

Regardless, we want to know what YOU guys think. Do you think it’s worth getting off Facebook for money? Let us know by casting your vote in the poll!

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