13 Fun Facts You Need to Know About Stranger Things Star Dacre Montgomery

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To say that we love Stranger Things would be a huge understatement. Ever since the show first aired on Netflix last year, we have been hooked. Not only is the show perfect in every way, but the cast is pretty incredible, too. Millie Bobby Brown has quickly become one of our all-time faves and we will never get over how much Joe Keery looks exactly like Ben Schwartz from Parks & Recreation.

Waiting over a year for Stranger Things, Season 2 was extremely difficult, but so worth it. We got to see Hawkins be terrorized (again) and a whole new batch of characters were introduced, including a new human villain who we love to hate: Billy Hargrove. Dacre Montgomery brought Billy to life on Season 2 and, while we hate Billy with a burning passion, we can’t help but love the guy who portrayed him so perfectly. We wanted to know more about Dacre, so we did some digging and rounded up some of the most important need-to-know facts about your new fave actor: