6 Awesome CW Television Shows That Are Actually Based on YA Books

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The CW

The CW

The CW has been making kick-ass television shows for a long time now. Even back when the network was still called The WB, it was churning out iconic programs like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven and Everwood which attracted teen viewers everywhere. Plus, our faves like Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill actually started when The CW was still going by its former name.

While the writers at the network are definitely creative geniuses, we can’t always give all the props to them 100 percent of the time. Several of the hit shows that have aired on the teen-oriented station were stories originally created to be read in a book, not seen on the screen. So which of your favorite CW TV series were actually based on YA novels? See the gallery below to find out!